Metallon will be present at the event of AIST Mexico

Consultants of metallon carried out a collaboration with a latin american steel company

Several companies have turned to metallon for staff training schemes

Metallon will be present at the Brazilian metallurgy and steel event

Metallon consultants are carrying out a collaboration with a latin american steel company.

Several companies have used metallon courses within their personnel training schemes.

After visits to the ironmaking areas (coke plant, sinter plant, blast furnace), a presentation was made to the company directors.

The task has one part developed at a distance and another in situ.

This course is also available on the Metallon e-learning platform.

The course is focused in the production of gray iron, white iron, ductile iron, and steel castings. The chapters included are Introduction, Design and Patterns, Molding Sands, Molding, Gating and Risering, Melting, Treating and Casting; Quality and Defects

The plant has been designed for an annual production of 250,000 tonnes of pig iron, with posibility of duplication. Consumption of biomass will diminish CO2 generation. TECNORED is a shaft furnace already industrially proven in Pindamonhangaba, Sao Paulo.

A consulting job is being carried out, oriented to decrease consumption of pig iron and industrial scrap in the production of low carbon steel billets destined to wire rod rolling and further drawing to small diameter wire

After finalizing the e-learning, virtual meetings are organized with each attendant or group of, on subjects that matter to him, like replicas, heat treatment, special steels, aluminum, defects, etc.

In the metallon Metallographic Laboratory, we have worked in two jobs related to high chromium cast iron

En Pindamonhangaba se introduce un horno eléctrico de última generación, y una nueva máquina de colada continua de tochos, que reemplazará una parte de lo producido vía colado en lingotes. También se anunció la reapertura de Mogi, y un horno de tratamiento térmico en Charqueadas

This system has learning ability. Besides detecting hot spot, it can find hot spots under development. It is able to do it in 360 degrees around the ladle, and in the ladle bottom, in different process steps, without interference with ladle movements

A training on blowholes and pinholes is available in the metallon e-learning platform. Consists of three activities: Mechanism of pinhole and blowhole formation; Evolution during rolling; and Prevention of blowholes and pinholes.

This course is divided in eight parts: Introduction, Stirring, Heating, Slag, Desulfurization, Deoxidation, Desgasification, Calcium Treatment. Each part includes slides, videos,downloadable further readings and spreadsheets, a self-evaluation and an exercise

This solution clasifies automatically the type of scrap entering on a truck, and it calculates its density departing from relevating the spatial profile and capturing the weight

This activity was carried out by a metallon consultant for a steel company. It took three sessions of thre hours each. There were five attendants for the Steelmaking and Engineering divisions

This system differs from similar products in its learning capacity and because not only detects hot points, but hot points under development, too.

This job, carried out by metallon consultants, includes the analysis of plant data, a review of metallographic and other studies forwarded by plant people, and the preparation of a report case by case, with conclusions and recommendations to overcome the problem

On November 2, rolling of the first bars was achieved. Tests would continue till January 2021, when the rolling mill would be considered ready. Production capacity is 520 K metric t per year

Due to a request of a steel company, metallon consultants carried out a distance-consulting job, with the aim of minimizing the occurrence of blowholes in steel billets produced at their meltshop

The courses are: Practical Metallography; Introduction to Steelmaking (EAF-oriented); Introduction to Iron & Steelmaking (BOF-oriented; Electric Arc Furnace; Continuous Casting; Rolling of Long Products

This study carried out by metallon consultants include an analysis of the problem, the metallographic study of samples and the support to the production of the castings

metallon has included in the e-learning platform a course on Electric Arc Furnace, divided in eight steps: Introduction, Metallics, Ancillary Materials, Operation, Benchmarking, Metallurgy in the Furnace, Metallurgy at Tapping, and a final exercise.

This e;learning course had attendants from Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru. It attracted people from varied companies (steel, oil ¨gas, suppliers to the steel industry, foundries).

The Met Lab at metallon came back into operation, following the necessary precautions, after a two-month long stoppage in relation with the pandemic. There we carry out studies of steel, cast and ductile iron, and copper-, aluminum-, and nickel-based alloys.

At metallon, an e-learning course titled Introduction to the Iron & Steel Industry has been created, oriented to EAF-based plants. The course is divided into six steps: Introduction; Melting & Refining; Solidification & Forming; Products; and a Final Work

In the on-line library of metallon there are more than two hundred technical papers for free download, in English and Spanish, on several matters of iron and steel and metallurgy

Adapting to current situation, metallon started to run distance consulting for several companies

No dia 7 de novembro for apresentado no 4o. Encontro de Fundição do Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial um trabalho sobre o desenvolvimento de peças fundidas e com tratamento térmico, do aço ferramenta D2, conhecido no mercado local como Special K

Se realizó una tarea de consultoría en relación con el cumplimiento de la norma nacional sobre alambres para mallas electrosoldadas.

Danieli & Co. was contracted to install two additional roughing stands, in a second stage of rolling mill improvement. These stands make possible to roll 160 x 160 mm billets

Two metallon consultants carried out training and follow-up of the very first sequence of high carbon aluminum killed steel in a Latin American meltshop.

Due to the occurrence of surface defects in steeel long products, two metallon consultants researched the issue, determining the origin of these defects, recommending measures to minimize it and taking part in the verification of the results obtained

The capacity of the new steel shop will be 1,2 million tpy; it will include a 120 t EAF with automatic slag door; a ladle furnace and a six strands billet caster equipped with 130 x 130, 150 x 150 and 180 x 180 mm molds

metallon give thanks to our customers for thier trust in our consulting, training, library and met lab services

During the year 2018 jobs have been carried out on iron & steelmaking raw materials, BOF, EAF, billet and slab casting, long products rolling, product development, troubleshooting of defects and studies of steel castings

A continuous roughing mill will be introduced, for improved productivity, better temperature control and ease of maintenance. Besides, a new handling area will be built, for better bar straigthness, more precise cutting and easier automatic stacking formation

This event took place at Plaza Real Suites Hotel, Rosario, Argentins, with attendance of rolling mill people of steel companies from Argentina and Brazil, and related university professors. As usual, the instructor was Mr. Pedro Wolkowicz, with long industrial experience

The new rolling mill has a capacity of 200,000 metric tons per year of low carbon and high strength steel. It has a four-high single stand, for processing of 0.7 to 2 mm input thickness, and 0.3 to 1 mm of exit thickness. Strip obtained has 900 to 1,650 mm width.

metallon consultants collaborated with the fine tuning of a small billet caster, defining a number of necessary modifications and additio

metallon consultants carried out a study related with the presence of porosity in steel castings, during a given period. The scrap types employed were investigated. Samples of the porosity zones were prepared for metallographic observation.

Our metallographic team carry out replicas in equipment submitted to high temperature, in order to determine the evolution of the microstructure and define the needs for maintenance or future inspections, for risk prevention.

According to the information given by the CEO of the company, Mr. Paulo Cardozo, the tests of the induction furnace and the billet caster have began in the new steel company in Paraguay. The investment amounts to USD 35 millions

For next year, we have a number of courses available for in-company programming. In all cases, we have seasoned instructors. A list of said courses follows. For quotations, course outline or further information, e-mail Ms. Graciela Palmerio at

We carry out studies of technical / economical feasibility and conceptual engineering of plants for the metals industry. This includes foundries, cokemaking, sinterplants, mini blast furnaces, meltshops, rolling mills, ferroalloy plants and other units required for the production of metals.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the meltshop have been carried out, close to Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The investment by steel distributor Las Lomas Ltda., is of 140 million dolars, for a production of 200.000 t per year.

Miguel Homes, General Director, Ternium Andina, announced the construction of a steel plant in the Caribbean coast of Colombia, for the production of 520,000 tpy of straigth bars and coils, with an investment of 90 million dolars. Start-up is planned for the second semester of 2019

The first course dealt with microinclusions and macroinclusions in special bar quality steels: how toassess them during process, as well as in semis and final products; and conducting BOF, LMF, VD and billet casting operations to keep them under control.

This time, metallon participated with papers on coal and coke, electric arc furnace, continuous casting and reinforcing steel bar

In the first half of August, two in-company training activities were developed by metallon instructors. One of them took part in a shock absorbers producer. Main subjects were steel qualities, and manufacturing processes employed at the plant.

Attendants of Latin American steel and foundry companies conveened at Howard Johnson 9 de Julio hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the two short courses

This caster is feed with steel melt at the Quantum EAF. This is the first Castrip plant outside Nucor Steel, and the first one in Latin America.

Papers on decrease in CO2 emissions of blast furances; quality problems with Chinese steel products and the ABM Week 2016 in Rio de Janeiro have been published in Acero Latinoamericano, the ALACERO journal

Attendants from steel companies of Argentina and Brazil convened at the Plaza Real Suites Hotel, Rosario, Argentina

The new plant inclludes a 75 t EAF, a ladle furnace and a three strands billet caster, nine meter radius

The events have attendance of non-destructive test companies; production of agroparts, foundries and automotive industries from Argentina and Chile. Both trainings had as venue the Howard Johnson 9 de Julio hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The papers are related to cokemaking, electric steelmaking, continuos casting and reinforcing steel bar

Electric automation and level 1 of the three slab casters will be upgraded. The aim is to improve quality and to decrease maintenance cost.

Together with colleagues from Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Singapore and the USA we presented papers on cokemaking, EAF, continuous casting and rebar

metallon consultants continued collaborating with an important foundry in the development of a special alloy. Modifications in molding, melting, casting and heat treatment were carried out, based in the findings of the first stage

With attendance of people form coke plants and services companies, both trainings were carried out in April at metallon headquarters in San Nicolas, Argentina

We will present four papers prepared with colleagues from Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Singapore and USA. The papers deal with cokemaking, electric arc furnace, continuous casting and reinforcing steel bar.

metallon consultants collaborated with a foundry for the failure analysis of coke oven frames, 6 meters high. There were several castings cast in different materials.

With attendance of steel plants and services companies, both events took place in late March at metallon headquarters, San Nicolas, Argentina.

We continue carrying out metallographic jobs using our lab, equiped with light and stereo microscope, and the ancillary equipment required for specimen preparation.

A metal-mechanics company located in Villa Elisa, Paraguay, supplier of parts to the steelmaking plant Vetorial Paraguay, had to deliver D6 tool steel rolls for a bar straightening machine, with very strict hardness requirement.

Kobelco CH Wire Mexicana (KCHM) is a joint venture of Kobe Steel, SIMEC Group, Metal One, Shinsho and O&K.

metallon consultants collaborated with an important steel and special alloys foundry, to develop a casting.

metallon consultants carry out consulting and training in the field of coal blending, operation, heating and life prolongation of coke oven batteries.

With the presence of the Peruvian President and the President of CAP Acero, the hot dip galvanizing plant was inaugurated.

In the frame of a private agreement, metallon is able to offer a series of process control technologies for the meltshop.

metallon thanks coworkers, customers and suppliers for another successful year of activities.

This is an investment of 74 million USD, along three years.

metallon consultants carried out a study on marks in mechanized surfaces of super duplex stainless steel castings.

For a fasteners producing company, metallon consultants studies a quality problem on self-drilling fasteners, affecting the life of tungsten carbide dies.

Thanks to Mr. Juan Justianovich, Bragado, Argentina, a series of notes developed for training of rolling personnel is available.

The work included a study of billet and rolled products at the met lab of metallon, and the evaluation of routine information of the corresponding heats

With attendance of personnel for companies of Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela these courses at Plaza Real Suites Hotel, Rosario, Argentina.

metallon will present papers in the Ironmaking, Steelmaking and Rolling Seminars.

The two-strands slab caster has a 9.5 m radius and produces slabs of 220, 250 and 300 mm thick and 1100 to 2300 mm wide.

UNITECR, the international event of the refractories community will take place in the CentroParque Convention Center, Santiago, Chile, September 27- 29, 2017.

METALSIDER, a pig iron producer based in charcoal blast furnaces, started up a foundry for automotive castings.

An inorganic binder replaces Portland cement and molasses with advantages in the briquetting of iron and steelmaking byproducts for recycling in blast furnace, BOF or EAF.

Both short courses took place in Plaza Real Suites Hotel, Rosario, Argentina, with attendance of personnel of steel plants in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

The American Galvanizers Association offers a series of on-line seminars on galvanizing of metallic structures.

The international steel group expands its portfolio of automotive steel by launching two new products in 2017: Usibor 2000 and Ductibor 1000.

You can access to papers, comments on bibliography, conference reports and updated information on iron and steel technology.

We have designed a training program for Met Lab technicians.

Cuban colleagues invite to the 3rd International Congress on Mining and Metallurgy.

metallon consultants carried out, under a request by a Steel company, a comparative study on standards and regulations of reinforcing bar in twenty countries with focus in imports.

metallon will present papers prepared with other companies, in different sessions.

The Brazilian steelmaker will modify the five-strands rounds caster.

The EAF simulation in the Steel University web site starts with the selection of the metallic charge and ends with tapping in the ladle.

During March, metallon carried out technical assistance and training jobs at three Mexican steel plants.

The Final Acceptation Certificate of the new EAF was signed in January.

The papers to be presented by metallon in the event of AIST Mexico deal with reinforcing bar and electric arc furnace.

A metallon consultant is carrying out a technical assistance job, and a linked training, in relation with defects in rolled products, at a steel plant.

The Brazilian steelmakers signed the certificate for the Steckel mil for 800.000 annual tonnes of coils.

With an attendance of twenty engineers of the Primary Area of CAP Acero (Compañía Siderúrgica Huachipato S.A.), Talcahuano, Chile, two two-days long courses.

From now on we include wherever possible the quantitative determination of ferrite and pearlite fraction.

The Ecuadorian steel company is building a minimill in Milagro, 40 km away from Guayaquil.

Eighteen technical assistance jobs for companies in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and the USA were carried out.

The plant for VEMARCORP is being built in Villa Hayes, an investment of USD 40 M for a production of 15,000 t/month of long products.

The construction of a strip caster at the new meltshop of TYASA in Ixtaczoquitlan was announced.

The activity of the year 2015 regarding in company training is closing with two activities. One of them is a three days course on Electric Steelmaking, covering EAF, LF, billet casting and refractories.

The plant, located in Ciudad Sahagun, Hidalgo State, was inaugurated on December 3.

The list of short courses prepared for lecturing during next year includes the following titles:

With participation of metallon consultants and Support of a Singapore-based consulting company, a comparative study was carried out.

The short courses "Production of Clean Steels" and "Defects in Billets, Blooms and Slabs" were carried out in San Nicolas, Argentina.

Jorge Madias takes part of the Board of Editors of Metallurgical Research and Technology (former Revue de Metallurgie).

metallon consultants are about to finish a study on technical pre-feasibility of the fabrication of certain metallic parts. The report starts by analyzing the current worldwide market situation regarding ownership of plants and technology for these parts, production scale and process routes.

metallon instructors will lecture a post-graduate course titled Physical Chemistry of Steelmaking Processes, in the National University of La Plata, by early December.

This course is focused in the operation of the steel shop to obtain macroinclusion-free steel, controlled microinclusions and low content of residual elements, including S and P.

The course on Defects in Billets, Blooms and Slabs analyzes shape, surface and inner defects.

Personnel from the automotive industry; foundries, military industry, metal-mechanics, heat treatment, steel distributors as well as engineering and consulting companies from Argentina and Bolivia.

metallon, in partnership with a supplier of equipment, has a pilot plant available for feasibility studies on briquetting of carbonaceous materials, ores, fine wastes, etc.

Both events took place one after the other at San Nicolas Plaza Hotel, San Nicolas, Argentina. The course on Coal Blending was held for the first time, while the one on Battery Life Preservation has been already lectured in 2014.

metallon present papers in the Raw Materials & Ironmaking seminar, and the Steelmaking Seminar, and takes part in a round table on Recycling of Coproducts.

This event was held at San Nicolas Plaza Hotel, San Nicolas, Argentina, with attendance from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Cuba.

metallon consultants carried out the study of billet samples and machined parts to identify the analysis and the origin of macroinclusions.

The promotion is available for metallon customer companies.

A consultant from metallon carried out this job, including three short courses on Foundry Technology at INTI Center in Tucuman, National University of Jujuy and Miguelete Technological Park , Argentina.

This event took place in Plaza Real Suites Hotel, Rosario, Argentina, with attendance of rolling mil people from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay.

Registration for the mega event taking place in Rio, Brazil, August 16-21, is opened.

metallon consultants carried out a study on 55% Al-Zn coated strip to define the origin of zones with dull aspect.

These events took place in Howard Johnson 9 de Julio Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina, with attendance of personnel of the automotive industry, metal-mechanics and foundries, as well as university professors from Argentina and Chile.

A consultant from metallon is carrying out a mission on cast steel in the Northeast and Northwest of the country, within the frame of a project Improvement of Regional Economies and Local Development, promoted by the European Union and INTI, tne National Institute of Industrial Technology.

metallon consultants are studying a problem of bending and fracture in al aluminum structure submitted along twenty years to temperatura cycling and water vapor atmosphere.

These events were held in Exe Colon Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina, with attendance from steel companies, service suppliers and consultants based in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

April 15th is the deadline for paper submission to ABM Week, the mega event that will join the metals, mining and materials community in Rio de Janeiro in August 17-21.

metallon consultants are carrying out an analysis of results of briquetting tests on coal fines for ironmaking use, carried out in a French facility.

We collaborate with Steel companies in the elimination of this defect, by reviewing in the plant, the factors influencing its formation; recommending measures according to the case and following on-site the implementation of the recommendations.

metallon takes part in this large event participating in three papers, on cokemaking, electric furnace and continuous casting.

We study clogs with DRX and SEM/EDS to determine the inclusion type, and analyzing process variables. Then we make recommendations and follow-up of heats.

ABM merges their Seminars and annual congress in one large event, called ABM Week, aiming to attract 3,000 attendants from all over the world. This event will take place in August 17-21 at Riocentro, a convention center located in Rio de Janeiro.

These studies include billets, rolled products, forgings, castings, heat treated parts, finished parts, etc.

metallon is grateful to collaborators, customers and suppliers for the activity carried out during last year, including consulting, open and in company short courses, library and metallographic services, as well as other technical services.

The book Treatise on Process Metallurgy contains in volume III a chapter on Electric Arc Furnace prepared by metallon, that can be downloaded (sign-in required).

This course took place on-site in the facilities of a company producing oil extraction equipment, with important consumption of gray iron, ductile iron, steel, aluminum and bronze castings.

Recent metallography jobs at metallon included the study of micrographies taken with a portable microscope, of two boilers and three I-beams.

To satisfy a request by a Latin American foundry, the gating and risering system of a problematic ductile iron casting was studied.

A list of courses for in-company lecturing and as a self-learning option supported in the could has been prepared. Contact for quotations.

By means of metallography, EDS analysis and a thorough review of the process, it was possible to define the origin of several macroinclusions found in low alloy steel castings.

Short courses on these matters took place in Hotel Australis, Campana, Argentina. Attendance included personnel of the autoparts and agroparts industries, foundrymen, steelmakers and bioengineering industry.

Under request of an USA-based company, metallon consultants carried out the evaluation of a high volatile coal from the point of view of its suitability for pulverized coal injection in blast furnaces.

A metallon instructor developed, under request of a Steel fabricator, a short course for workers in the operating and maintenance areas of a welded mesh operation.

Following an agreement with GM Representaciones, we offer training in the use of Material Plus and Foundry Plus image analysis software

Recently, an evaluation of the degradation of microstructure has been carried out on micrographies taken from four boilers.

This training covers all aspects of mesh production, from wire rod requirements to defects in welded mesh.

The Dutch printer Elsevier published the Treatise on Process Metallurgy Volume 3, Industrial Processes. A metallon officer wrote the chapter on Electric Steelmaking.

We carried out the evaluation of microstructural degradation for a company, on micrographies taken with a portable light microscope, in boilers.

Two versions are available, one aiming to the operators and maintenance personnel and other addressing the needs of those involves in the specification of a new system or its modernization.

With Marcelo Roque Valentini and Jorge Madias as instructors, this training activity has an attendance for Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Santa Fe provinces.

The courses took several days and were attended by several operating shifts of the scrap yard and meltshop.

AISTech 2014 Conference and Exhibit took place in Indianapolis from May 5 to 7. The event featured a record in attendance and booths.

With San Nicolas Plaza Hotel, San Nicolas, Argentina, as venue, this event attracted attendance from four Latin American countries.

With an attendance of thirty, and Dr. Sara Hornby, Jorge Madias and Alberto Moreno as lecturers, both courses took place at a Latin American steel company.

The 6th CONAC, organized by AIST Mexico, took place in Monterrey on March 23-26. Some eighty papers were presented. metallon presented three of them. For download, sign-in is required.

Dr. Sara Hornby, Jorge Madias, Francisco Torre and Alberto Moreno acted as instructors. Specialists from Argentina, Brazil and Peru attended.

Through skype, the well known British specialist will pake part in the course that will take place in San Nicolas, Argentina. She will talk about metallic charge optimization, a subject she have worked recently at TubeCity IMS.

As requested by a steel company, metallon consultants carried out a job aiming to define the origin of defects like incrustations and oxides, on the base of metallographic studies and process analysis.

To receive these alerts during the year 2014, those that still did not subscribe must do it through the metallon web site (Library/Sending of Bibliographic Alerts). There are 20 different alerts, on metal-related issues.

metallon acknowledges our co-workers, customers and suppliers for the long list of jobs carried out during 2013. A broad scope of consulting and technical assistance assignments; open, in company and self-learning courses, library, met lab and other services have been demanded.

A metallon instructor lectured a course on Powder Metallurgy at a company in Argentina. With an attendance of 24 persons of different areas, the event developed along two days.

metallon consultants carried out a job for a Steel company to elucidate the origin of macroinclusions in several rolled products and machined parts. Samples were studied by using stereo microscope, light microscope and scanning electronic microscope, including EDS analysis.

By invitation of Informa, the Australian company organizer of the event, a consultant of metallon presented an analysis on the production and consumption of Steel in South American countries, other than Brazil, with views of the evolution of the iron ore demand in the countries involved.

Along three days, two metallon instructors lectured a course on Electric Steelmaking at a Steel plant. A particular feature of the event was the thorough discussion of practical operating issues and experiences.

A metallon instructor lectured courses in two Brazilian steel companies, on Metallography and Defects. The attendants belonged to areas like rolling, finishing, drawing, galvanizing, etc.

The ABM Seminar on Raw Materials & Ironmaking took place in Dayrell Hotel & Convention Center, in the capial of Minas Gerais State, from September 1 to 4, with 382 attendants.

A small company producing refractory specialties for the foundry industry is in the search of a Plant Head. Send a resume to

The activity took place at the metallon office. Jorge Madias and Marcelo Roque Valentini were the lecturers.

This time the course took place at Plaza Hotel San Nicolas, Argentina. Mr. Pedro Wolkowicz was the lecturer. Attendants came from Argentina and Uruguay.

A thorough study based on broken samples was carried out at metallon.

This course, lectured by first time in open format, will take place in metallon office, on August 20-21st. As the number of attendants is limited, it is convenient to register early.

With attendance from the domestic Steel and Foundry industries, the Short Course on Digital Metallography took place at metallon office.

A study of coal self-combustion, a phenomena affecting long time storage of high-volatile coal, was carried out at metallon.

The course Rolling of Long Products has been lectured four time in open format and five time in company, in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru.

Due to the great amount of papers published on continuous casting, the corresponding alert has been splitted into two: Billet Casting

metallon consultants met the deadline of a technical assistance job on agglomeration, for a Latin American company. Shortly they will start another similar contract.